ESP EC-50 Features:
# bolt-on construction
# 24.75" scale
# agathis body
# maple neck
# rosewood fingerboard
# dot inlays
# ESP LH-100 pickups ( I changed the bridge pickup, see that wall of text on the bottom)
# 2 volume and 1 tone control w/3-way toggle
# black hardware
# tune-o-matic bridge w/stop tailpiece
# 24 XJ frets

Up for grabs is an EC-50 satin black guitar. It has been pretty lightly used as I do not gig. It is much better looking in person than on a website but I will try to post pictures as soon as possible. There are no scratches of which I can see anywhere. It is in tip top condition. Just a bit of dust around because I leave it on a guitar stand in my humidified and air conditioned room. I upgraded the bridge pickups to the GFS Power Rails. They are all black and they sound really nice and has great treble to it. It also has 15.8 ohm output so you know its hot. This thing can pull any brootal metal with ease. The scale length is 24.75 and it has 24 XJ frets. This thing bends strings like a fiend. Nice thin U neck that still has an excellent matching satin finish on the back. Your hand will slide around easily but will be able to grip it when you need the strength. I can hold it by the strings and they dont detune. Its a great beginner guitar and has pretty much no disadvantages (its a bit on the heavier side). It has been set up and the action is nice and law, slight buzzing at the top to get the action lower but you wont hear it through the amplifier.

Its a great guitar, you will definitely not be disappointed. It is a much better guitar than everything in the price range. Much better than the dean, ibanez and washburn starters. For sure better than any BC Rich.

I am asking for 250 shipped to Canada, and add a little bit to that if you wont it shipped to the states. depending on shipping though. I am the original owner and I will also throw in a Ritter gigbag and a pack of elixirs with it. Will probably ship COD. I live in Markham, incase anyone wants to do some local dealings. PM is key. Questions?

Pictures will be up soon.
the trade didnt go through...so back up BUMP accepting local deals and trade, PM for pics. Forgot to say, it is RIGHT handed.
FS LTD EC-50 with GFS PowerRails Bridge pickup
im in calgary (dont hate cuz my hockey team is better)

willing to trade for an Epi LP Studio with pups from my Standard? (pics in my profile)

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Any local trades or cash? BUMP
FS LTD EC-50 with GFS PowerRails Bridge pickup
yea the trade didnt go through with the other guy. @blacklabel22333 not really looking for speakers because i havent gotten my 333xl head yet and dont have enough money.
FS LTD EC-50 with GFS PowerRails Bridge pickup
that really sucks man.. if it was white id take it for cash... see you around.. .thanks for the pickup... ill do a shout out to you when i do my frankenstrat build log XD ReZpect