uhhh so I was watching some Scofield videos. He sometimes plays with a pick and sometimes uses his fingers (also sometimes hybrid picks but whatever). Anyway, I have a very practical question that I think would help me a lot. I'm pretty sure some players, like Sco, switch from a pick to a full fingerstyle technique in the blink of an eye (basically they use their index finger yet manage to hold on to the pick somehow, flipping it back between their thumb and index finger like magic when they decide to use it again) is this what is going on and if so, how?

Whenever i switch to fingerstyle my index is occupied by holding the pick.
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when i switch, i hold my pick in my middle finger with it wrapped around
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use your **** you finger to hld the pick in between that and your palm. use the tip of the finger to hld the edge of the pik and dig the opposite edge of the pick into yor hand to leave your thumb and index finger open
i hold it with my ring finger, because i only use my thumb, index, and middle finger to fingerpick with. it came pretty naturally to me, so i'm not sure about the technique behind it.

if you're fingerpicking first, and then switching over to the flat pick, you could hold the pick in your mouth, or stick it under the edge of your pickguard, and grab it when you switch.
uhh you kind of lost me DKM, so I hold the pick between my palm and a finger?

Btw I want to have access to all of my fingers, while somehow concealing the pick in my hand...dunno if that was clear, or if it's really possible. I can kind of wedge it between the two sides of my palm but its hard to get it there and it compromises my playing. Just wondering if anyone knows some secret about this haha.

Babbs: that sounds like pretty good advice. I dunno why i never do that but maybe ill just try to make a habit of it.
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i put the pick in my mouth..

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alot of times i put a pick under the pickgaurd.. stickin off the body for a quick grab
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the best way to still have the pick in your hand would be to hold it with your ring finger. that way you can use your middle finger for picking too. if you want to use your ring finger as well I guess you could try holding it with your pinky finger, but that's a lot harder to switch between picking and finger picking.
Put it between your index and middle fingers... below the middle knuckle. I used to use my mouth before I started singing... if you don't sing - then do that.