Hi all,

I've been on the lookout for a wah pedal for a week or so now,
I've been looking for a new vox 847 or 848 (after doing some research in the ultimate wah pedal thread) when I came across this:


Could anyone help me identify it, I wasn't looking to go vintage but I will probably buy as long as the price doesn't escallate madly

Looking to play funk and clean music with it.
i guess its like the same thing Hendrix used..........but i dont really know........ try it out first it looks VERY old... try it out first before buying it. i guess it has a 70%chance of working
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dude, the price is 100 bucks already. why not just check out ebay for a wah? you could find one in better shape for 100. maybe check out craigslist or something. but that thing looks like if you put your foot on it that it'll crumble into dust.
looks like someone dropped in their toilet!
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your seriously considering buying that?

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Quote by Skierinanutshel
true, it might not even be old. could have been a new one that has been dulled down, and scraped the hell out of.

it looks like someone took a freaking chain to it and stabbed it, not just scratched, it was like a group effort tearing that poor pedal.
100 Dollars is NZ - so maybe $50 US

I just thought that the way people go on about vintage gear it might be worth getting some!

Perhaps 'beyond vintage' would be a better description

Casing looks solid enough to me but I'm totally ignorant of electronics, so I guess i might leave it, even though the sellers description says it works.

What would you expect from a bit of gear from the 60s anyway?

also, seller has 200 successful trades so probably not lying - seems to be a antique dealer or something
Quote by tbp25
seems to be a antique dealer or something

then buy a vase and order some pretty flowers, don't buy a junk looking wah. if you looking for a cool cheap wah, behringer's hellbabe wah was my starter. then i got the crybaby from hell this christmas and it's fu**ing awesome. i'd buy it if you want a serious wah.
That listing seems fishy. He's had it since the 60's, when he presumably bought it new or sort of new, and has no idea what model it is? If it were a true vintage piece and he knew what he had there would be a picture of the circuit board included.

And when asked if it had ever cut out or stopped working, he ignored the question and said it might need some work. Sounds like "broken" to me.