I'm trying to decide between agile al 2000 or the cort evl z2 or z4.I'm just starting out and want to learn metal,rock,mabey punk.Which is better for the money.
Well, I've played a cort befre. Not that great. I have no idea about the other though.
Maybe try looking at a Cort M200, M520 or M600.
I play a M200 but I don't have a very good amp so I don't its full potential.
I didn't know Cort was making guitars again. I doubt it's the same company it was though, they used to make some pretty nice stuff back in the day. For awhile I had an SG Doubleneck from Cort that played really nice considering it was a Doubleneck
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i have a cort and it really nice so dont think omgz no ones heard of them, they make great guitars for what you pay
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