I was messing around yesterday and came up with this riff so I expanded on it a little bit and made a semi-improvised song out of it. It's just me on the acoustic and I do a couple lead fills to try and make it more interesting. Let me know what you think, I mostly just wanted to get this recorded so I don't forget it.

video here

C4C of course, the quality you put into your post I will put into mine.
That's pretty sweet man. Playing is very clean. Are you in some kind of open tuning? I love your lead fills, they fit perfectly.
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naw I'm in standard tuning. Actually, it might've been tuned a half step down. I was recording it yesterday and for a while I had it slacked a little bit but I can't remember exactly when I made the video.
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I loved it! Great vibe/atmosphere to it, combining some bluesy influence with some other soft rock and acoustic traits that really blend well together. The chord progressions you use accentuate this combination when you use small bluesy licks to fill between some very open chords, almost in call and response pattern which maintains interest.

The structure of the whole thing is really cool; I like how you bring it down a notch and introduce a new progression after what you could call A and B sections, but then you reintroduce previously heard parts which ties the song up really nicely.

I think you could easily make a whole song out of this with lead and rhythm guitar parts, vocals, drums, bass and it would be great. Not that it needs this to sound good, but its just some great material that you could use for a lot of things.

Great Job! Here's my latest, just uploaded today.
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That was great man, you are a very good player! I especially liked the quick runs thrown in all over the place, and the lighter part near the end fit really well. I think you have a great sense of knowing what to play next, your flow was right on and I didn't notice any mistakes. Your strumming technique is excellent. How long have you been playing?

I think what you have there is good enough to be a song. You looked a little tired at the end of the video! lol
thanks for listening man!

I've been playing for going on 8 years now, but I've really been trying to get more into arranging and song writing over the past year. Haha and yeah towards the end there I was a little tired but mostly just stressing about making sure not to mess up the entire take with some blatant mistake at the end. That was like the fourth time I tried to record it and every other time I got to the end and something went wrong.
Man, this is some groovy stuff. You're an excellent acoustic player! I love the little lead fills here and there. I'd love to hear this with vocals. Cool stuff.
man i could listen to that all day. you have alot of talent (i know its difficult to play the acoustic on the high frets like that), but i didn't hear a wrong note anywhere. It was very clean. Keep up the awesome work man!
btw - thanks for your comments on my song.
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hokey kokey...

i don't know what i can say about your piece that others already haven't, but here's some criticism.

i thought you had a consistently good timbre. the texture was thick with bass notes and chords but you struck a nice contrast with some high note semi quaver runs. those runs were played perfectly, i thought. no extra notes in at all, very cleanly played. i liked the way everytime they came up, i thought, "ooh we're going somewhere new" and then you went back to a variation on your opening riff.

i liked your transitions, particuarly the transition into the what i will label "C" section, i liked the sudden break and into it. in the C section i liked the change of chords = i found it had a slightly dissonant tone whilst still being "melodic."

and overall i liked the way it had that calm feeling and then it got a bit rocky, and yeah. i think what i'm trying to say is i felt there was a nice fusion between blues and calming acoustic niceness.

: )

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