i was in in-school-suspension today, very bored. and my girlfriend just broke up with me. i loved her. but anyway. this is what came from it.

[verse 1]
your mouth is a loaded gun
spitting bullets from your tongue
is overrated
i cant change
the things ive done

kill me now
knife me down
i promise i wont make a sound
crush me now
gun me down
smile as i hit the ground

[verse 2]
your words linger in the air
reach for one to know your there
for morticians
you lied when you said you cared

the last time i bought someone a valentines day gift
they broke up with me
. . . i bought them a gun
i told them to shoot me if they loved me
. . . thank god they didnt love me


[verse type deal thingy]
you dig my grave
i crave the thoughts
ive lost the will
you kill my hearts
as dark as night
the knife you left
inside my chest
reminds me that
you got the best
OF ME!!!


i know its not great but i was bored and did it in like a matter of minutes. but i enjoy writing. any criticism is muchly appreciated