Hey, Im completely rewireing my strat and I need some help.

Basicly I am either going to put a Breed or Mo'Joe in the bridge, a Virtual Solo in the middle, and either a PAF Pro, PAF Joe, or Breed in the neck.

I want it wired so that its like this:
Position 1 - Bridge Humbucker
Position 2 - Bridge (Coil Tapped) + Middle Single (Bottom Coil Off) (Hum Canceled)
Position 3 - Single Coil Alone
Position 4 - Neck (Coil Tapped) + Middle Single (Bottom Coil Off) (Hum Canceled
Position 5 - Neck Humbucker

Also I want the control scheme to stay roughly the same. As in I want a master volume and then one tone for the neck and one for the bridge and middle pickups.

Also according to Dimarzio's site, since the single coil is stacked to give a strat-ish tone and get rid of hum that it needs to be wired a little differant.

I looking over there site and found roughly what I want but it only has I volume and tone. Here is what I found (its a .PDF)


Here is how my strat is currently wired.


So long story short, what do I need to get to allow my strat to be wired like the above dimarzo diagram?
Do I need new tone pots?
A new 5-way switch?
New Volume control?

And also how would I wire it so that I can have a master volume and two tones as opposed the the one volume and tone in the diagram?

Sorry about being long winded, I've been doing a lot of research so that you guys could help me out. Thanks in advance.
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