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For those of you who don't know I recently got my Les Paul.
It's a great guitar and I really love it, better than most Les Paul Special II's, and I really don't like other people to touch it. I don't wanna be a jerk and everything but if somebody else who doesn't play guitar touches it, I get kind of edgy.
I also saw a post about not letting people touch your guitars, and the person said that they hated it.

tl;dr- How do you feel about people touching your guitars?
i also disapprove. i usually let them touch my guitars if i'm in the room, but not for too long, and not with smudgy hands. unless they show interest in learning.
Usually I don't, only because my guitars always seem to only respond to me until I basically disown it.

Seriously, I've seen pros touch it, and it'd break in their hands, strings snap, tuning go completley bersekr, tremolo get all retarded, but with me, it'd work like a dream...Kinda creepy =\
doesn't really bother me as long as i'm supervising.
i used to be a mod, then i took an arrow in the knee.
I get a bit edgy but I suck it up. I figure, with the amount of abuse I deal to my guitars, I should let other people touch them.

Also, why didn't you just post on that same thread? Was a new thread really necessary?
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b.b. king once said-My guitar is like my woman, no one touches it but me.

but i've got a piece of sh!te so i dont care.
I don't mind if and only if they know what they are doing. Or I really like them, although usually not enough to let them touch if they don't comply to my first condition.
I just bought my Jackson Dk2m and i dont let anyone touch it. But really only bc last time I bought a new guitar, Epiphone Les Paul custom, it ended up having a big chip in the paint bc my dumb**** neighbor didnt want to give me my guitar back and kind of jerked it away from me hitting a chair. Needless to say he had a broken nose after this incident. I was so mad , it probably wouldnt have been so bad if it hadnt happened on the first day i had it.
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Originally Posted By iron_maiden93

He wants to rape us....He raped me

I always ask first just in case. Cus I don't want someone busting up MY Les Paul. I understand.
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Er... I told my friend to stop touching my Schecter once, but he kept touching it (inappropriately and with smudgy hands I may add), so I karate kicked him in the ribs. He then proceeded to drool and ram me through my closet doors. I told the ****er to stop touching it. BUT NO.
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Its one thing for a guy to touch it, but if its a good looking girl, then she can touch whatever she wants.
I don't have a problem with people touching my guitar as long as I'm there and their hands are clean.

Also my rule is that I don't let people who have never played before touch it.

EDIT: ^ Copletely agreed!
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A new thread is necessary because it's not about my Les Paul personally, it's about your experiences with this situation.

Well I don't like people to hold the Les Paul especially because they're heavy and anyone can drop them >.<
Quote by Mullen2105
If someone dare touch my Jacquelin they get hell.

You named your guitar Jacky? Or do you have a Jackson?

Ive got a measly squier, but its mine, and Its my first guitar so im kind of touchy about it. I hate it if somebody who cant play guitar wants to play mine, but ill let decent guitarist's use it.
i dont really feel comfortable with people touching my guitar... well actually when friends come to my house and grab my guitar i just let them have it for like... 3 minutes? and then i snatch it from their hands...
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My brother or someone else I could see breaking it purposefully or accidentally gets yelled at for touching it. Everyone else is fine though as long as they don't treat it badly.

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actually, now that i remember.....

i was at mah shop last weekend, and two regulars come in. the one guy brought in his 79 Gibby LP (custom, i think?) that he bought new back in 79 (duh).

i was like "whoa, that thing is sweet, i wish my dad was into guitars at my age." it was a cherry burst by the way (or whatever the light colored burst is called).

so, he said "you wanna pick it up and play it?"

i was all

then i played it while he talked to the owner.

i was then all like

It depends. If it is a friend I trust who is very careful then I will let them play it and I will leave them alone for a few minutes. If it is someone who I know but not well I will let them play it but not alone, I have to be there. And then there are the girls who come over to my house and ask to teach them guitar. To be nice I say "It isn't something you learn in one day, but I'll show you a little". I am always there. I don't leave them alone with my guitars for a moment, and I usually take it back after a few minutes.

I'm careful, but not too much. I take care of my instruments and force other people to as well. If my guitars get a scratch not put there by me I will flip out.
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I don't like people to touch my guitars. I will let people though. Especially if they are interested in learning. I think we as guitarists are just protective of our guitars because they are an extension of our self. A guitar allows us to express ourselves in ways we couldn't otherwise, so letting someone else touch it is kinda like letting someone you don;t know sleep in your bed. It's just weird and oh so wrong.
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Honestly I only let guitarists touch my guitar even they I want them to have a little experience with it. I only let one girl touch it but thats cause I only have 1 and I was teaching her guitar.
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If you don't at least know basics, then the only guitar of mine you are allowed to touch is my fender strat.
Sorry TS, but you're a jerk. You won't let someone touch you're low end Epiphone? My Fat Strat copy is worth more than your guitar and I let anyone play on it.
Pfft, it's not really a problem. I run a weekly jam night and we always provide at least two or three guitars for peopple to play. AS long as people treat my instruments with a little respect I don't see what the big fuss is.
as long as they dont do something stupid then i really dont care...a guitar is ment to be played so eh dosent matter to me
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Quote by tonedeafidiot
Sorry TS, but you're a jerk. You won't let someone touch you're low end Epiphone? My Fat Strat copy is worth more than your guitar and I let anyone play on it.

Just wait one minute,
Just because it's low end means I can't like it and don't want to be careful with it? Maybe I just don't let people touch it because I don't want it to be broken? It is pretty heavy, and I want my instruments respected. Be as careful as you want with your guitars and I'll be as careful as I want with mine.
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If someone can play or wants me to teach them something, then I have no problem. If they don't know anything and don't have any interest, then no way.
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the feeling is mutual, when i got my les paul my friends were like
WowZ!!! kAN I TUCH!!!
and they suck at guitar... i mean i let them touch it, but i was on edge the whole time.
I've got no problem with other guitarists of reasonable skill and mental soundness touching my gear. And hot girls can of course do as they please
I dish out way more punishment than a beginner or someone that doesn't play. That, and most that do play don't like my guitar because I play .013's, and it bites back.

In short, I don't mind much. As long as they're sitting down.
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If a person knows how to handle a guitar and simple rules like don't **** with my tuning and so on them I'll let them touch it.The one thing I will not allow is someone messing with my amp settings.A friend stopped by the other day with a guitarist he had met at work.The guy said he was good so I let him play my 7 string.Everything was going ok until he reached over and scooped the mids out of my EQ and started changing everything around.I smacked him and told him to GTFO,literally,I made him leave my apartment.Spend a week dialing in a tone you love then some douche bag who only knows how to play sloppy Pantera covers comes in and ****s it all up


guitars yeah, as long as they dont start messing w/ the tuning of it or do something incredibly stupid
amps though no, i hate when my settings get messed w/
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i kinda give people a few rules before playing; such as not touching the tuning pegs, or not to play the crap out of it
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Quote by heretic-clown
as long as they dont do something stupid then i really dont care...a guitar is ment to be played so eh dosent matter to me

I'm with that. I have a Gibson LP like some of you, and I really coudnt care. Dings, scratches, they all add to the flavor. As long as the stick works when I get it back, I'm cool. Ive let total newbies play "Stella". It doesnt really get to me. Sometimes I feel bad when my buddie shreds away, making me look pathetic and all that. (Like I cant give enough love to my own guitar, if you know what I'm saying). Years ago, I hated the thought of someone playing my Guitars, maninly because I was afriad that I'd get shwon up, and look like a tool. I'm over that now. So play ahead.

Bottom line. If I know you, and you wanna play with Stella the Lester, help yourself. Just dont break her.
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I let anyone mess with my guitars, I don't really care for some reason - I never have. My friends have dented them, broke strings, detuned the **** out of them, etc... and it'd never bother me.

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I hate it. Especially since I got home last week to find my baby had miraculously developed a chip in her paintwork while I was away

I let my hubby hold her when I'm there, but it makes me edgy.

The only person I actually trust not to hurt my guitar is my teacher, and he's probably the only person who would think to ask before he picked her up
I have a low end ESP LTD. Worth like $300 maybe. I abuse it pretty badly while I play, but I take very good care of it afterward, it's always in it's case when not in play, I clean the strings and fretboard after I play every time, I put new strings on all the time, like every month or so.
With that being said, I don't let to many people pick up my guitar. It's to much of mine to let other people handle it. If I know somebody and I know that they play and are careful with their own guitars then I'll let them play. If somebody generally wants to learn, I might let them sit down and yet still have the strap on (I have strap locks). Of course their hands need to be clean and everything to.

I don't know my guitar is just something special to me, I love watching people who can play pick it up and just rock the sh!t out of it. It's not that I don't want to be shown up or anything I welcome that. I just don't want people who have no clue what they are doing pick it up and just bang on the strings that pisses me off.

With the tuning of things, I tell them to ask me first what they want to go to, so I'll make my decision from there, they are usually completely understanding.

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Currently, I don't give two ****s if someone touches my guitar.

When I get my explorer, I still won't give two ****s if one of my friends touches my guitar. All but one of my friends play, but the one that doesn't play probably a. wouldn't really care to touch it (I don't think she's interested in guitar) or b. would pick it up and think it was really heavy or something. I dunno, never held one, but she's tiny, so it probably would be heavy for her.
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