so i'm reading a guitar guide, and it teaches penatonic scale in different positions, 2nd, 5th and 7th, and then it said each position has its corresponding chord form, for example A major penatonic scale has a chord form of G/Em, my question is what is that chord form's for? what is the purpose of knowing this corresponding chord form of a particular penatonic scale? the book mention it's for appegio, but i'm not sure if that's all the reason. And also how do i play appegio with a chord form?
This should really go in the music theory section...
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Don't worry about it. Basically, the different shapes have root notes that correspond to the root notes of a barre chord. There's no practical purpose to knowing it; it just helps you situate yourself on the neck knowing where the root notes are.

Fact remains: use the A minor pentatonic for soloing over an A minor chord progression. Same goes for any other key.
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