I can feel it coming, the end of the miracles
The beginning of our demise, something biblical
I can hear the footsteps, people running for their lives
Twelve armies closing in, the darkest of all nights

Ten separate falling stars, each more powerful than the last
Closing in on our existence, knowing hopelessly we're trapped
Not one soldier will survive, the end of all is here
Seven serpent plagues, preying on our fears

The last day for man, unlike anything ever known
Four apocalyptic horseman, here to reap our souls
Famine and war, ships sinking in sand
No one will survive, in the city of the damned

Three walls surround the masses, corner strongholds for the people
Crumbling along with their hope, their bones turning brittle
One truth will be certain, for our world abandoned
Our demise was brought by our own hands

Zero hour, everything taken for granted is gone
Not a sound remains, no book or song
As if we never existed, no hopes or expectations
No thought or epiphanies, no more revelations

Hope you like. I wanted to share it with people. Crit 4 crit
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First of all let me say that I love religious and the Revelations from which you got your inspiration from has some of the best imagery. And you used it very well, I think. The flow was great also. I thhink this song would make a great first song for a concept album about the end of the world. (Not too sure if you wanna do that, just throwing an idea out there). You did a write a lot here, but there's just so much more you can write about. (The beast, the woman and the dragon, the wh0re of babylon, the throne of God,etc.). Alright, I know I'm rambling on too much, but I just have to say that this reminds me of lyrics that I wrote before, so naturally I enjoyed this piece. In all seriousness, great job, man.

Crit mine please.
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