How do I get it so that I have a signature?

My Gear:
Godin LG w/EMGs
Squier Affinity Strat
Bullet 150 15w Amp
Vox AmPlug Classic Rock

please help
Click Control Panel on the top of the page, below the ad, and the forum info. Once you're in the control panel, it should be the first option on the left: 'Edit Signature'. Type it in, save it and you're done.
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unless you have more to say, you shouldn't really post stuff like this

for future reference, make sure you check out this thread if you ever have a question about the site.
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So much down syndrome

remember UG Community? thought so.
darkwolf291, That is so ****ing annoying having people taking credit for other peoples typings.I'm sure your opinion is somewhat diffferent on the matter.

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↕ Haha, It's the bisexual symbol, cross between male, and female.