i am customizing a guitar on jackson guitars website and i dont understand some of the options so i have a few questions.

what does body/neck/head binding mean? do i want these on my guitar?
i like to play songs that are mostly picking as opposed to chords. i like metal sounds and distortion.

out of the following, which bridge should i get?
tune-a-matic, floyd rose, wilkinson tremolo, or vintage style tremolo.

what do i want as far as nut (locking or non locking), jack type/location, strap buttons, and tuners?

do i want pick bezels? active electronics? pickup selector?

What are EMG-EXP, EMG-SPC, and EMG-PA2?
lol dude no offence but if u dont know the difference between a floating and set bridge then i dunno if you wanna get a customised guitar so soon
bindings are wat connects the body top to the main body etc
tune o matic is through body strings, floyyd rose is a whammy bar which needs a locking nut
tuners are you choice, grovers are pretty reliable
google the EMGs coz im not too sure about those models
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i'm not sure what the body/neck/binding mean, but i'm gonna go out on a limb and assume it means the neck and body are built from the same piece of wood (as opposed to a bolt-on neck, commonly found in other guitars). I also play a lot of metal, and you can get some crazy dive-bombing sounds (Think Children of Bodom squeals and such) with the Floyd Rose. The FR however requires locking nuts, which means it will always hold a particular tuning. This is great if you never change tunings, and a real pain if you do. Jack type/location you're on your own. If Grover Tuners are an option, pick em. You won't be disappointed. EMGs in general are badass, but look into what each type is best for (see if mixing and matching is an option too, you can get some cool sounds with that). Pickup selector is strongly recommended.
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Binding is a decorative stripe that goes around the edge of the neck, body, or headstock. It is purely decorative on a solidbody guitar.
As far as the choice of bridge, do you want to have a whammy bar or not? If so, get the Floyd. If not, get the Tune-o-matic.
Nut: If you get a floyd, get the locking nut. If not, don't
Jack type/location is up to you. What DO you want?
Invest in straplocks. It's the best 20 bucks you can spend on preserving your guitar.
Tuners are a matter of choice. Lots of people like locking tuners. I don't. It's up to you.
Bezels are decorative as well. I think they look good and add a little protection for the pickup, but it's taste again.
Active electronics sound good to me.
Pickup selector sounds important...
There are some EMG threads that can explain the EXP and SPC cause I don't know. The PA-2 is a badass thing to have onboard-- it's a clean boost that you can engage with a little switch. If you have a tube amp, invest in the PA-2.
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i know i sound like a total idiot with not knowing much about guitar parts, but I have been having difficulty finding a GOOD left-handed guitar, but I admit I am also picky. I don't want a Fender, and I'm kind of ehh about a Gibson, whether it be a Les Paul or an SG. other than those, i've looked into the ibanez RG1570 because its the only "high end" lefty they offer. i want to customize a guitar that way everything is made the way I want it. the problem is, i should probably know a bit more before i do it. ive researched wood types and whatnot, so i'm putting in the effort to learn.
i got a LFR and i use locking sperzel locking tuners, instead of using a locking nut. and you don't necessarily need active pickups, i don't have them in my SG and it can sound aggressive as hell.
My friend just got a custom Soloist from Guitar center used... someone bought it and returned it at the last minute, so he picked up a full custom neck thru Jackson that was well over 2 grand new for like $1000.
Point being, look around for a used one cause you might find what you were going to order anyway for half the price.
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I suggest not screwing with the UGer with the best name on the site.

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So by some options, you mean, every option, other than colour?
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So by some options, you mean, every option, other than colour?

wow, you really out of your way to help someone out that doesn't know every little thing about his setup, maybe the wording wasn't great for him. or maybe you could get your head out of your ass and stop acting like your better than people and try to help another person.

edit: i'm gonna have to agree with rebel up there, used stuff in good condition is like a friggen gold mine.
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