So I bought a mustang bass, 06 reiisue. I love the feel, and the sound isnt bad, but I feel its lacking, and I want a new pickup, does anyone know where I can get compatible pickups that are really good?
I think seymour duncan makes a QP for the mustang.
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heres a pic
the mustang can get a nice low tone, but lacks the rich backing of most jazz and precision basses, and I love that sound, but I love the short scale so I dont want to switch basses.
Im pretty satisfied though, but if I could have that extra kick, Id be so happy
I too have a Mustang bass. The only thing you can do with what you have is to adjust the pickup height to bring it a little closer to the strings. The replacement pickup made by Seymor Duncan IS already on your bass--it is the same one that comes stock with the bass!

There are no other real replacements that sound beefier or ballsier--you get what you get, but that is the characteristic Mustang sound. You may want to try adding a Versi-Tone circuit or a Stellartone circuit to give you more options (replace the tone knob with these).

Another option is to just bite the bullet and get a pickup you like and rout the cavity in the bass to accomodate the new pickup. For this, you need skills. I may plop in a Fred Hammon Dark Star pickup someday, when I can afford do to so. They are the most aggressive toned vintage pickups you'll ever come across, and they sound SOOOOO good. Check them out!

Good luck!
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The Zen of Duh: How low can you go? Zero Hertz. That's the lowest anyone can go. Just turn off your bass amp and not play.

Q-tuner PUs (0X0 configuration) and HG Thor Labs for the best fretless bass tone. MWAH FACTOR!!!
Maybe it's your amp?
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Could you post an example of the sound you have now, and also some sort of reference for the sound you want?
i love that mustang. nice buy.
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I have the exact Mustang model you have (white w/tortosie shell pick guard)

That's just the Mustang sound, it's great for mellow stuff, or 60's style power pop and such, but for a ballsy bass tone, you need to look somewhere else...that's why I ended up getting a P style bass as well, which along with my peavey milestone (J style pu's) mean I can cover a lot of sonic ground. It's a flawed bass, unpopular due to its scale, but a unique sounding and beautiful one, but maybe its not the sound for you???
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I <3 Mustang basses like no other, and for owning one i forever dub you my friend. I would suggest re-routing it if you really want a new pickup, but I would recommend trying out new amps and eq settings first for a more pronounced sound