im not really new to the site but i want to make sure about this, and this is probably good knowledge for new users to have:

what memes can get you a warning or banned? i know the pear and candlejack jokes can, but is that it? i dont feel like getting banned again unless i really am being a prick
Technically any meme talk will get you banned, but I find it's rarely enforced. Just don't post the lol wut pear and you should be fine as far as memes go.
it's pretty simple to figure out, really. just keep your eyes (and ears) open.

any spam that has been done to death is likely to result in a ban or at very minimum a warning:
The Pear, Rick-Rolling (especially the captive type where the only way to exit is through task manager), one word replies like: "rape", or other shiz that has been a nuisance such as "rub icy hot on it", "do a barrel roll" or just plain bad advice like "delete all system32 files."

occasionally memes can be cute and amusing. but mostly they're annoying.
make REAL posts, not spam. that will keep you from being annoying. and improve your chances of not being banned.
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anything that we find annoying, overdone or consider spam, pretty much. anyway, there's a section in the rules announcement about memes.
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