my grandfather and I are going to build me a new guitar, from scratch. I am all about vintage strat tone, and playability. we will probably build it to the last screw. ( tuners, saddles, bridge all from a block of metal.) I know my grandpa has some 30-40+ year old wood pieces, so I could get an authentic vintage tone. he has much experience with a lathe(sp) and all the tools. he knows nothing about guitar, but I do, if I tell him something has to be perfect, and precise, he will be able to do.
I'm just looking for hints or improvements that you would look for in your "perfect strat" like should I put 6 bolts on the neck? ect...
I am also looking for an artist that can draw "Yerkey" in the "Fender font" for the headstock
Ash body
Soft V Neck profile

Basically a 1954~1957 stratocaster would be my 'perfect strat'. Give or take I would have it modded for the tone controls to affect the neck and bridge like the Eric Johnson sig.

Just start researching everything regarding the pre-CBS stratocasters.