I bought an acoustic bass and the two music stores I went to had no bass strings that actually said "acoustic" on the package. So I asked one of the guys if electric strings would work and they said it was a good question and that if anything, the hybrids will work. So I picked up a set of ernie ball hybrid slinky's.


Will they work on an acoustic bass? or did I waste 20 bucks?
I reckon they would work, I mean they should =/

Uhmm... if not, then well yeah I geuss you did waste money, although it could give it a great sound

Try a different type of strings maybe? or a different type of wound? *shrug* its up to you man use whatever in my opinion or until you find something you're comfortable with
well its not that it might not sound right, or it will feel wierd, I just want to know if it might break my bass or something. which I guess wouldnt really happen?
it'll be fine.
i actually prefer normal electric bass strings on an acoustic bass.

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The metal they're made from is the difference.
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The materials of the strings are different and you might have less volume, i would say find some actual acoustic bass strings if you can
Anything that vibrates will work as a string, really....so yeah, normal ones will work. Tapewounds sound really good with them, IMO.

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The way you've worded it, it sounds like the guy at the store thinks that hybrid means electric/acoustic strings... they aren't. Hybrid refers to the fact that the gauge is a mix of super slinkies and regular slinkies.

Yeah, that totally had me confused. Your seller doesn't know what the hell.

Unless I'm mistaken, electric strings will damage fretless basses. It may sound different on your acoustic, but it shouldn't cause any damage.
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hmmm. Well I think he was going by the fact that I said some ernie ball guitar strings are acoustic/electric...but those actually say that on the package :/
hmmmm, get some heavy gauge flatwounds for it
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