Well yeah basically, 2 songs I just finished recently.

Astronomical Phenomena : Prog Rock(?)
Longer of the 2 pieces, about 6.5 minutes long. Was kinda annoyed when I recognized one of the riffs is in another song, but it worked for the song so it doesn't bother me

EDIT: Just notifying that this is gonna be the first part of a series of songs, so I'd say it should be called Astronomical Phenomena: Part I

New Age :
I wanted to submit this for the solo competition but it was to long . Anyways, its pretty short, about 2.5 minutes, but I like it

C4C as usual
2 Songs.zip
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Not really a crit I know -obviously no need to return crit- but can I say the bass work on both songs is pretty awesome. The solo is really good, a song by itself.

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AP is really good, that is all I can say at first... OK, so, I think the verse acoustic guitar is very over powered (not that it is a bad thing) (where it does the chord, then plays each note of the chord). I think that the rhythm seems kind of weird for the arpeggio, but it isn't necessarily bad. I love how nothing is completely over the top. I think the outro solo could have been (more so) over the top though, but it didn't have to be. It built up and was an appropriate climax.

New Age is the great complimenting song. It starts where the other seems to leave off. (Maybe a bias, but I just cannot stand bars 57-60.. Just too.. uh.. smooshed? (along with other times where you do that with the guitar)). I don't like this song by itself, but I like I said, it is a good compliment to the first.
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AP: I must say, the most interesting of the instruments in this song is the bass. I loved the chords in the intro. It was simple but it sounded awesome. Both the bass and the guitar solos at the end were bery nice as well. As was the first solo. No real complaints other than the fact that since it was only GP, it seemed to drag on. But I presume that will be fixed with an actual recorded version with vocals. I would really like to hear how it turns out completely finished.

New Age: I really like your soloing. In my opinion, this would work well as an intro to an album. Some of the parts of the solos sound like ass sideways, but that is GP's fault. More of a sound quality issue with the program itself. Likewise with the first one, I'd like to hear a genuine recorded version.
Thx for the crits guys, really appreciated.

Imperial Throg: I'm glad to hear that you think that the bass is kickass. Shows that my bass skills are improving I guess :P, since bass is my primary instrument.

Lordofthefood1: To be honest in AP the guitar was really just for filling purposes (except solos, cus who doesn't love solos), which basically slapping on what sounded good, I admit listening to the verse on acoustic is sounds abit odd when you listen to it as an individual instrument (to my ears), but I think it works in the grand scheme of things.

Yeah, I agree on the outro solo, it was originally longer, but then I decided (like, just before uploading) that I wanted to do it as a sort of concept song-thing, with several parts to it, so I was thinking of having the next part be a totally instrumental section, which probably will have whats left of that solo in there somewhere

New Age isn't really supposed to compliment the other, because it was written first :P It was basically written as a standalone short instrumental song, nothing really to it, except an excuse to have loadsa solos in 1 song . worked though.

Hmm, I guess "smooshed" does seem an appropriate way to describe it . Although I do like those parts though, they are abit uncreative I'll admit.

Soundgarden1986: I tell you now, if there was no vocal melody, then it would probably drag on even longer! Glad you liked it, may probably get it recorded at somepoint, once I've finished the next section(I should edit that into the first post). I'll also need lyrics before you get your vocals X

Recording this one would probably be the most trickiest, as I'm not the greatest guitar player in the world (considerable on bass though :peace and I don't actually have an electric guitar. I could play this on guitar, just not at that speed :P. Gonna need to find someone else to the guitar parts I guess . Glad you liked this piece as well, I don't really see it as an intro song... but maybe... maybe...
AP: Nothing really wrong with it, but what I would do personally, is make the strings do something different than just playing with the acoustic. I would say it dragged on a bit, but it is a long song I'm hearing through guitar pro without words, so maybe it's not really. And as was said, bass is the best part.

New Age: I really like the soloing here, but the point of this forum is to take suggestions not praise, so idea for what I would do... I know you intended to put this is in a solo competition, but I would have a small bridge section with some synth pad voice doing the main melody, and the guitar just doing a couple harmonies. But that's just me.