ok im looking at a schecter c-1 classic and it the website says it has a 5 way switch with only 2 humbuckers

so does it auto spilt the coils or something?

also in your opinion what is the best c-1 classic colour
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I like the bluish one.

Yes, I believe it splits the humbuckers into singles.
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i never heard of that it might be a typo i personally think they suck i would go with something else
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yea certain positions on the switch are coil split humbucker options
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if i were to switch a pickup out im guessing itd be a bit more difficult than usual
You would have to get a splittable pickup.
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My Ibanez was originally like that and the options included the humbuckers being used in series and parrallel. I imagine the Schecter is similar. It can be handy but I changed mine to a 3-way and a seperate coil tap on the volume put.
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i bought the classic =D its best guitar i've ever played, for that price range.

the 5 way switch changes combos of the single coils in the humbuckers. Like:

Pos. 1: Bridge only
Pos 2. Bridge+one coil of neck
Pos 3. Bridge and Neck, all


i got blue, the new green is nice tho. switching pickups would be easy as long as its something with 4-conducter, like another duncan. but trust me, you do not want to change this pickup combo. i play pantera on my bridge, and freakin death cab for cutie on the neck. you can do anything
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uhhh i might sound stupid here but whats pos 4 and 5

are there any just single coil postions?
Pos. 1 - Full Bridge
Pos. 2 - Singlecoil Bridge
Pos. 3 - Bridge/Neck
Pos. 4 - Singlecoil Neck
Pos. 5 - Full Neck

I would assume it's like that
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