I am new at the effects "game". What is meant by a true bypass and why is that so important, because I was looking for a good compressor and some said that it wasn't a true bypass. For instance the MXR - 132 is not a true bypass. When I read reviews people have said that the problem is that it is not a true bypass--please help. Thanks.

Can your recommend a really good compressor/limiter.

If something is a true bypass, then it has exactly the same sound when it's turned off as you would have without the pedal...
What they said. However, not all buffered bypasses suck. MXR have pretty good bypasses in their pedals.
if you have more than say 3 or 4 pedals then a lot of people would say it's advantageous to have a good buffer (decent quality non-TB) at the start of the chain.

i've never had a problem with signal degradation and atm i'm running 8 pedals. i think only 3 are true bypass.
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I don't know about the 132, but every MXR I've owned has been true bypass. The smartgate, 10 band eq, and carbon copy.
It just means that when a pedal is turned off, the signal goes directly from the input jack, through the switch and to the output jack; it's isolated from the actual circuit completely.

A buffered bypass is a simple piece of circuit that brings the input signal to a certain level. This means that whether the pedal is on or off, the signal stays the same.
This is INSTEAD of true-bypass switching.

Don't go thinking one is better than the other; they both have their place.
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