Hello there folks, I just moved to NYC and now have tons of free time on my hands since i dont know anyone here i just play wow and watch tv(yeah its very exciting i know). So i decided since i always wanted to try out playing a guitar and now i most def have the extra time ill give it a shot. What i wanted to ask is if anyone lives in NYC can point to a good music shop that will help out a guy thats just starting out. I need suggestions on what i need. By the way im looking to play an electric guitar. Thanks for the help.
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Most music shops will help out a guy that's starting out. They make a lot of money like that. But just type in 'guitar store in NYC' in yahoo.
EDIT: Here's some addresses:
Guitar Center - (1)
(212) 463-7500 - 25 W 14th St, #A, New York, NY
Rivington Street Guitars
(212) 505-5313 - 125 Rivington St, New York, NY
Matt Umanov Guitars - (3)
(212) 675-2157 - 273 Bleecker St, New York, NY

The last one was rated one star by 3 people, so be wary.
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Whatever they recommend to you, make sure you try out as much equipment in your price range as possible, then you can make your mind up about what feels right to you. Its worth shopping around too as prices can vary quite a lot, and so can the quality of the guitars - even the same model.
Do your reasearch on the net before purchasing anything just to make sure they're not ripping you off
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I'd suggest just buying a cheap decent acoustic and playing that for a bit.
Just to see if you like it.
Well thanks for all the feedback ill take everything into consideration when i look for and purchase my stuff.
Best to avoid starter kits, but if you decide on electric, a good practice amp and a reasonable guitar w2ill cost around $300. Get in quick as there's a lot of price increases about.
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Starter kit as in those big boxes with like everything in it? if so yeah i figured as much. and a good practice amp n guitar will be 300 a piece of together?