Someone please help i am looking for an ibanez and i found one tha ti like i like the Rg's (the feel the sound) all of it EXEPT the edge 3.. i was wondering if it could be changed?

well its a bit MAYBE more expesive and this isnt to obig but IT LOOKS ALL WEEIRD prestigesss
^wtf? Punctuation and spelling are important if you want us to understand your posts, man.

Currently the only good trem that'll fit in the Edge III rout is an OFR, but you'd be much better up simply saving up for a guitar with a better trem to be honest. I've heard people say that the OFR doesn't match very well with the Ibanez necks.
Oh sorry for the spelling and punctuation.. Im a really lazy typer yer.. But the thing is umm i couldnt realy find a guitar thats in my price range and that was like THE ONE for me. Ibanez Rgs felt the best to me. Or i was thinking of the ltd mh 250? is that any good? i doubt it will beat the Rg necks