What's the best combo or head you can get new for under $2000 AUS ya'll?

Must have good cleans, of course!
VOX AC30 combo.
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What genres of music do you play?

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for good cleans, some Fender I guess?
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I have a MIA strat and I wouldn't go any dirtier/heavier than really fuzzed-out Hendrix.
I'd go with a Fender Twin Reverb or Super Reverb (Perhaps a Deluxe, if you don't need as much that much volume, and supply it with a Fuzz Pedal and a TS-9 or something simmilar. (Perhaps even two of them?
if its just cleans try the roland jazz chorus jc120...its solid state but its known to have the best cleans in the market. plus its alot cheaper than many of the tube fenders so you have a bunch of cash left over.
A Fender Twin Reverb or a Roland Jazz Chorus for cleans... if you're considering playing anything a little heavier, there's a couple of Marshall JCM800s and JCM900s on eBay Australia at really good prices right now, if you want to check those out. Hell, I'd buy the JCM900 ending in a few days if I had the money.
fender twin reverb if your looking for cleans. or if you want a head, look at some of the marshall plexi re issues. they will probably be pretty hard to come by but imo the cleans are somehow more awsome then the fender. get a low enough wattage and you can get some good old one channel breakup. also my ENGL screamer 50 has some sexy cleans.
yeah in total i agree with slicker...jazz chorus if you want just cleans....or jcm900 if you want some nice distortion and some AMAZING cleans....just below fender quality if you ask me! i own one so i know.