I'm trying to get a few projects going right now so i can experiment with things.

I'm looking to make a power metal band

I don't really know any musicians so is it advisable to put an ad up in school and see what responses i get?
hey! I think you should, not only is it possible to get some reactions, you'll make your name known as well! I'm a big fan getting to know new people, so this would be a great way. Maybe try your local shopping mall as well if they have a place to put up ads, and ofcourse internet. Pretty logical, but put contact info, style and age in it. Be carefull with phone numbers if you put up an ad in a more public place like a shopping mall.


edit: maybe put in the ad, how much experience you want the people you'll get in touch with to have
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Do what Esparcia said, but also add a short list of influences. And make sure you're allowed posting ads in your school or where.
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It'll look like this

Hi there, I'm looking to form a power metal band and i'm need of several musicians, 1 or 2 guitarists, a bassist, drummer and possible keyboarder, the style we will be playing is similar to that of DragonForce, Sonata Arcitca & Axxis. Influences include, Helloween, DragonForce, Blind Guaridan, Gamma Ray, Evergrey, Sonata Arctica, Stratovrius ManOWar, Axxis, Edguy etc

Musicians I am looking for should preferably be of an intermediate or above playing abilitity capable of writing lyrics & music and if possible tabbing by ear.

if interested e-mail here: *insert email adress* with the subject "power metal band" or phone me here: *insert number*

Many thanks

anyway OT of the ad im thinking of a name, possibly Riders Of The Storm or Kings Made Of Steel (taken from HammerFall and Axxis songs respectivley)
Stage names are a possibility but im not too sure xD
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lol. That's true *shifty eyes*

Anyway I've decided I'm definetley having a keyboard I've been listening tokeyboard-ish melodic power metal like Sonata Arctica and I love some piano parts in Axxis songs like Revolutions, Father Father & Don't Leave Me.

So it'll probbably be a melodic power metal band