Hello, uhm I've been really interested in delay for quite some time, but never actually sat down and used one for a period of time. After some saving I'm really looking into buying one, but I honestly don't know what to look for. There's loads of different options and such on delay pedals that I don't fully understand, so I was wondering if anyone could possibly reccomend some good delay pedals as well as maybe explain some of the more important features when looking at them? I'd rather not spend more than $120-$150, but that's possible to change if I sit down with a pedal and absolutely love it. I'd like a diverse sound, so I can get a similiar tone ranging from Buckethead, Pink Floyd, early U2, etc. Any help is really appreciated. Thanks!
I'd look into a Boss DD of some sort. See if you can find a used DD-20 in your price range, but otherwise a 6/7 should be just fine.
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i don't know the price over there but i think my line 6 echo park is pretty damn good. i have heard good things about the MXR carbon copy but again not really sure of the price.
If you want longer delay times I would try to get the DD-20 it has up to 23 seconds! but if you only plan on using shorter times then you may want the DL4. Both of these are on my wish list and if you look hard enough you should be able to get either one of them for $170 give or take a few bucks.
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As far as features are concerned, there isn't a whole lot to concern yourself with on a delay pedal. Most will have a feedback (or decay) control, which determines how long each note echoes. You'll also be looking at a rate control, which determines the length of time between each repeat (the speed of the echo, if you will).

I really like my Line 6 DL-4 - lots of features and decent quality. It's a little more than what you're looking to spend, but I would consider the purchase worth it.

Really what you need to do is go to a music shop and sit down with a delay pedal (any delay pedal) and figure out what you like and don't like about it. Then ask questions - any rep worth their salt will know the pedals well enough to tell you the differences. Ask a lot of questions, play with every delay pedal in the store that you can convince them to let you get your grubby hands on, and compare/contrast what you like with what you don't like.

A good starting place is the Boss DD line - pretty standard fare. You can do a lot worse than a Boss. You can do a lot better, too, but as far as a starting point they're pretty good.

And make sure you play a digital delay and an analog delay side-by-side to compare. Please. You'll thank me later.
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Look at the Ibanez DE-7 too. Up to 2.6s of delay, plus it has a sort of "analog delay emulation" mode, which sounds awesome. No tap tempo and stereo outputs, though.
You might want to look into a Line 6 Echo Park. It has a bunch of features including Tap Tempo (and selectable rhythms, like dotted eighth for U2 stuff), Reverse, Swell etc. It also has Analog and Tape modes, which basically simulate the sound of an analog delay pedal or tape echo. IMO, a great pedal to learn the ins and outs of delay with.

The resale value is pretty good, so if you wanted to sell it after experimenting with it for a couple months, you wouldn't be losing that much money at all. It's easy to find them used as well.


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Like people have said, the DL-4 is a pretty solid option all around. You can get them used in your price range. Check ebay.
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Awesome, thankyou very much to everyone, been really helpful. And thanks to Kyle for the detailed post, that was very informative. I'm heading out tomorrow to mess with all the pedals. Thanks again for all the help, it's much appreciated.
Ive played with a DD-7 and liked it, it has good delay, it also has extra stuff like it plays your notes backwards and it has a looper if you ever need that.
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If you like analog the MXR Carbon Copy is an extremely good sounding delay...

I like digitals better than analogs and Bosses better than Line 6s
(for single pedal stomp boxes, that is. I haven't used a proper Line 6 DL4.)

I don't think it really matters which one you get if you just want it for a delay, I suggest getting one off of eBay that looks nice (mine work great and I got them for like $60 each).
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If you want a tap tempo switch and looper built in, check out the EHX Stereo Memory Man with Hazarai as well. I'm pretty sure I'm going to get one over a DD-7 for those reasons.
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Vox Time Machine is definatly worth checking out. Very versitile.
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If you want a tap tempo switch and looper built in, check out the EHX Stereo Memory Man with Hazarai as well. I'm pretty sure I'm going to get one over a DD-7 for those reasons.

I almost went with the SMM too, actually. The DD-7 has a looper, though and you can get an external tap-tempo and a patch cable for it too, and still come out cheaper than the SMM. Not to mention it'll still take up less space.

I've heard good thinga about the hardwire delay
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i have a boss DD-7 and its excellent thats the one to buy you need a some nice double D's....hahahaha
Go for Boss Digital Delays. You could get a used DD-20 for that rice range. It has a lot of cool options, with the ability to set Pre-sets, and sounds great.

The Line DL4 is a good one too, a lot of options as well, along with pre-sets

For Analog Delay look at the MXR Carbon Copy or Modtone Vintage Delay
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