I have some years of experience recording\editing with Sony Acid Pro series.
It's a very good program with endless possibilities and it's very user friendly and logic.
The latest version (7), has much better VST possibilities.

For a couple of years back, I baught the Line 6 Toneport UX1 hardware and I use the Gearbox that came with it.
Gearbox is a good program with a lot of potensial for homerecording. Really good clean- and crunchsounds, but as a lot of others, I hate the distortion\metalsounds.
Well, you have the possibility to tweak and stuff to make the distortion pretty good, but quite frankly I don't have the patience. I rather want to use my precious time to make music instead of getting frustrated and lose motivation because of some crappyass muffled distortion sound.

I downloaded the Guitar Rig 3 software and was very pleased with the sounds!
BUT, I can't get it to work with UX1!
Tried to use it as a plugin in acid, also as standalone outside acid, but the soundcard "ASIO\toneport\UX1\something" dissapears from the acid\preferences\Audio device - menu.

It seems like they just won't work together.
I've tried a selection of other stuff, but it seems like I have to use the damn Gearbox software.

I would really like to use these together:
Acid pro 7 (software)
Guitar rig 3 (software)
UX1 (hardware)
Try asking a question...

I'm assuming you are trying to ask if anyone knows how to make them work together.
SO!, anybody knows how to make Acid pro 7 and Toneport UX1 to work with guitar rig 3, amplitube or any other awsome guitar sim?
What you need to do is go to your control panel and sound options. DISABLE all sound cards. Right click and disable the recording and output sound cars. EXCEPT for your toneport. Then use your toneport as an output by plugging your speakers into that or a stereo or headphones. And use it as the input. Go on your acid pro or whatever and go to audio options and make sure this is selected. It helps to use ASIO also. Go to asio4all.com and download asio and use it with your program and tone port. Keep messing with the sampling rate until it's right.
Aaaah thanks mate!
When I installed the ASIO4all, I got rid of the damn line 6-licensed driver.
That made me have a lot more options. (lower latency also^^)
I thaught that I had to add the guitarrig as a soft synth, VSTi, DLS or whatever in acid.
Because when I added it like a track-effect, it didn't give any sound.
I only had to activate the input monitor mode and push the "arm for record"- button.
Now I have beautiful distortion sounds with almost no latency.

(The asio4all could work with two programs at the same time compared to the line6 licensed driver)