Im looking for an electric guitar that's good for the playing style of Tom Morello.

Any suggestions on what kind of guitar I should get?
theres no 'guitar' that can get u to play like anyone...

its your amp that will sort out your tone !

what amp are u using
wait, I mean a guitar that has parts that allow me to do Tom's tricks, I only know the whammy bar has to be able to go up and down
Strat or an ibanez? Strat's are go,d but the locking tremelo on an ibanez would be handy if you are glogin to be doing a lot of whammy bar moves.
Are you a beginner or are you upgrading from another guitar? if your a beginner try one of these:
or if your looking to pay a lil more for a better guitar.....maybe try Ibanez?
Or a Strat with a Floyd Rose?
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Ok then you might wanna try one of the guitars in the 3 links I posted or just look around on this site. They have cheap guitars that are good for beginners but for Tom Morellos style try to find one with a Floyd Rose
and good luck
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PRS SE Custom 24 7 string
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Quote by Pedalist
Im a begginer

The forget Morello, you need to be able to play the guitar before worrying about pulling the tricks he uses...just get a decent starter guitar, by the time you're ready to do Morello stuff it'll be time of a new guitar or you can mod your existing one.

Don't get anything with a Floyd rose or any kind of floating trem, you'll fail before you've even started trying to get to grips with one of those...learning guitar is hard enough as it is, you don't want to make getting going any harder than it needs to be.
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