i just want to experiment summin

ive downloaded amplitube (free trial) - to actually use it, would i just need 2 plug my guitar into my laptop headphone socket and just open amplitube and play?

or do i need like a special kind of jack

thanks for your help
yes you do

you might need a sound card and special jacks
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You might wanna try JamMate Rock Frog, Stealth Plug or Line 6 Toneport GX (which I'm using). All quite cheap
this is simple i do it all the time simply plug in ur guitar you will need a small jack not the standard large guitar ones (you can buy a convertor from most music shops) Youll need 2 convetors if you want decent sound coz u need to go out back to an amp (laptop speakers sound awful). This will work any problems just tell me and il help. Oh yer dont forget to turn up wav in volume or it wont work at all. The sound card doesnt need changing mines awful and it sounds great coming back out nto the amp.
Convertor plug: http://www.maplin.co.uk/Module.aspx?ModuleNo=34199
i use two of these and it works great with vst plugins and the demo your using any trouble just post it here and il look again in the next few days.
you need an audio interface if you want to make it sound good (most of those guitar to USB cables suck)
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i didnt mean a guitar to usb i meant a jack into sound card and it soundsa great on my pc and thts awful.