Hey guys,

I asked this over in the blues & jazz forum and no one could think of anything. I'm looking for some recommendations of artists that play in a style similar to this


it's a kinda fusion between jazz and funk I guess, but I can't find anything similar.
aint got a clue. erm.. search on google or something jazz guitar tabs or something. i haven't got a clue tbh.
The majority of Jazz Guitarists.
While not many jazz guitarists play acoustic (because you can't be heard over the other isntruments in a jazz ensemble) they do play stuff that is almost always clean, with no distortion. The way they play makes it so that you can play the exact same stuff on an acoustic and it will sound almost the same (though some of the chords may be hard, the thing with jazz is sometimes the fingers have to stretch, and with the increased action of an acoustic it may be harder to play until you are used to it.)

But yeah, Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass....actually, here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jazz_guitarists
Just read around there until you find someone you like, and then learn some of their stuff. Then try to play stuff that sounds similar but that you wrote...Jazz is about doing it yourself with feeling. If you can't find anyone who does it just like that Mayer piece, write your own stuff in that style
lol I know about solo jazz guitarists, quite well actually. But the Mayer piece isn't really straight up jazz. Thus asking for a rec. I don't know how to classify it, but it's not what you were pointing me to... but thanks anyway
That can pretty much be classified as really good pop music. John Mayer's sound imo is pretty unique and you won't really find that many people that sound similar to him. It's not really jazz, it's popular music with more interesting harmony and from a guitarists point of view, much more interesting guitar part.
charlie byrd plays on a nylon guitar, if i'm not mistaken.

other than that, i think everyone else plays electrics to get heard over the rest of the horns and stuff.
Indie Rock in Spanish. Good idea or not? intelligent feed back would be appreciated.