Hey everyone, I am going to take off my floyd rose to clean it and was wondering what would be the best for it. And when cleaning should I soak it in the cleaning oil or should I just wipe it all down and if leave it soaking, for how long?

One last question, once I put the fr back on, I'm going to be blocking it. Now Ive read other posts on here regarding blocking the tremolo, but if I'm going to change strings anyway, should I take all of them off then block it and restring or block it and restring?
Is it rusty or just dusty? IF it's just dusty than compressed air does the trick for everything! Floyds can be the worst for collecting pick dust and other stufff.... I just get a fine blow nozzle and blow everything out really well. I use compressed air for everything, I get into the floyd, around the pickups, the body cavities, and have even blown the dust off the speakers and speakers grille on my 4x12 cabs. I've blown all the dust out of my heads once or twice also.

If you've got an air compressor, go for it, it works wonders. Just make sure you don't have any water in your lines, I use an inline air dryer. (If you run a lot of air tools then you likely have one already.)
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+1 on the compressed air
maybe a slightly damp cloth too, with alcohol on it?
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Agree with the above post.

The last part didnt make sense to me if you said you were gonna remove it then how would you also block it? It takes time to put back in because you have to balance everything out again. All you do is put you springs back on the trem claw and trem and tighten them up a small amount just to get them to stay in place. Then you put your strings on and balance the floyd out like you would normally.
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