Hello everyone,

So about 4 or 5 months ago , I bought a Roland Micro Cube. After a while , when I first had it , I noticed that it farts when I play palm muted drop D. Now ,when I play some notes , it crackles a little bit when I set it on the R Fier mode.

What is wrong?
time to buy a new one i guess.......
BUT check your cables and the speaker......
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Sounds like you've turned it right up and played something obscenely loud or overloading and caused the speaker cone to bust.
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You may be able to take it back, if not buy a new one or upgrade to a Vypyr or Cube 30X
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busted speaker cone? does it do it with headphones?

Nope , it doesn't do it with headphones.

Yeh for fun I played a little bit loud sometimes lol. I plugged in a mic too and screamed my lungs out.

Should I try changing new speakers? Or where can I get a replacement or something? I only had it for a few months..
you broke the speaker.

yes you can swap it out. if you match the ohms and watts you can buy one online.

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