So I've got a Marshall AVT100X Valvestate combo.
I'm still fairly happy with it, considering I bought it about 2 years ago now.

But one major thing still ticks me off: THE EFFECTS LOOP RUNS IN PARALLEL.
Its absolutely ridiculous considering there's a knob to choose how much of the effects loop I want to mix in.

Is there anyway I could go about modding this to make it direct and running purely through the effects loop when it's in use?
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Marshall AVT100X

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Well some like the FX loop that way. Cant you just run the mix all the way wet? I have seen some amps with a switch to go from parallel to series. It a simple switch that breaks the connection after the mix pot for the dry side so the signal can only go thru the loop. But you may want to find the schematic for the amp as the reverb may run off the same pot then you might get to much reverb.