Yeah so what are the bands that you listen to while you try to write?
i always pretty much listen to are:
(And im in an alternative band)

In Flames
Saosin (They are decent in writing)
Rise Against
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Less Than Jake
and a lil bit of Metallica.
Now what are the bands that you listen to when ya write?

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the clash
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I try to avoid listening to other bands as I write music as mine tends to end up sounding similar.
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strapping young lad

devin's always an inspiration
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pink floyd, all three (syd, roger and david) have some good writing skils
and maybe simon and garfunkel
and how could i forget bout Mark KNopfler

i know none of these are alternative, but i dont listen to it
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the clash/joe strummer nd the mescaleros
reel big fish
stone temple pilots
the doors
Nothing really but I think about the genre I'm writing for, think about something to write about and do it, I might occasinally look at lyrics for a song to see if there's good vocabulary ;p:
Taking Back Sunday
Red Hot Chili Peppers
City & Colour
+Sometimes some Dylan.
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some metallica
tom waits

i read poetry a lot as well but for the most part i prefer to write from my own head rather than look for outside inspiration

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none i agree with chrisN when im trying to write music i try to be original and create my own sound. I can hear what i want in my head and if i listen to other stuff it kinda invades my thoughts.
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strapping young lad

devin's always an inspiration


Mine would be Muse mainly. For heavier stuff, probably Bullet For My Valentine.
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I'd say Neurosis and Tool. Bands that have some deep thought-provoking lyrics. Sometimes it just helps me get my brain flowing with some cool ideas beyond the basic thoughts.
i listen to alot of "rise against" as well as you.

also alot of BLOC PARTY and an electro band called PLAYRADIOPLAY!
i listen to a huge combination of a perfect circle, Hurt, regina Spektor,Ot3p,PFI, Novellice, and Amon Amarth. yeah it's weird but i wirte alot of amazing acoustic songs while listneing to Ot3P lol
i write using an idea i got from tom morello. just set your effects randomly, play random things until something cool happens.

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One time I heard Chino from deftones say he doesn't listen to anything at all when he writes, maybe talk radio during the day at best so I tried it. Its tough not listening to music but its great. You really have to challenge yourself to be original but it can be done. people do it every day.
Even still..... some bands i look to for inspiration are incubus, umphreys mcgee, matthew good band, silverchair, zappa, wes borland actually....., john mayer, thrice and there is something about miles davis and classical that helps a lot. Classical is so different from what is contemporary i dont think many would notice if you vaguely ripped it off.
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I try to avoid listening to other bands as I write music as mine tends to end up sounding similar.

I can't give this enough +1's.
I can listen to songs and write at the same time. But there will be at least one word in the song I'm listening to that will be used. Especially when I'm listening to my Zune on shuffle, if the song changes to something completely different it's sorta distracting and effects my writing. So I'm really better off just writing with my guitar plugged in next to me so I can write music along with it.

But I will say that I am inspired by:
The Blood Brothers
System of a Down
Bloc Party
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don't listen to Nirvana haha
its hard to beat that..you'll get discouraged.

I write my best after listening to Nirvana though
Depends what style i'm writing.
I enjoy writing music with political messages, so;
The Herd (hip-hop, but great lyricists) , System of a Down, Rage Against the Machine, maybe a little Muse.
Eric Clapton (blues/acoustic)

Live (grunge/hard rock)

John Butler (acoustic/aleternative)

Nirvana (Grunge)

DJ Teisto (Techno/dance)

PowerMan 5000. These guys do every ****ing genre ever. Kung foo inspired Trip hop, Metal, Industrial, Alternative, punk, techno, hell, they even did a country song!

There my influences, bro.
Much recently Elliott Smith and Nick Drake. I just like the chord changes and the voice expressions.

Otherwise it's generally Dylan, Radiohead.