I'm looking at getting at 2.1 speaker set-up for my macbook, LG TV and iPod to connect to... budget = £50

I'm kinda fed up of looking at unreliable and at time biased reviews around the web, so i'll leave it down to the kind people on here...

Any one out there that has a really good 2.1 set-up that's good for listening to music & playing games with?

Thanks x
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ive got these

They're pretty good and they were cheap, so you might do well with them
A4 tech is a pretty good company IMO, had some PC stuff from them and couldnt complain.
I recommend anyway buying something with a subwoofer, the sound would be better
Phillips do an okay 2.1 setup, around 30 quid.
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add me

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I use my guitar amps cd/mp3 input with a small soundboard plugged in then my mp3 computer whatever i want on it and it sounds great and saves money(if u are a guitarist).
I bought a set of Creative Inspire 2400 speakers a couple of years back. Loud, great sound quality (they have more balls than my mate's Bose 2.0 set) and a bass box that shakes walls. Only cost £20 at the time, too. Creative speakers are pretty good quality.

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