Im after a guitar that can give me the jangly sound of a rickenbacker but also a big "rock" sound for when i play barr chords in a chorus etc.
I am considering just shelling out for a rick but i dunno how good it would be for the heavier sound and it'd be a pretty expensive gamble. Ive heard they dont respond well to lots of overdive/distortion/fuzz, is that right?

I currently own a Gretsch G5235T Electromatic Pro Jet and a modern fender twin.

Basically I want a Smiths/Johnny Marr sound with option to switch to a powerful ballsy sound (something along the lines of Ash maybe).

Thanks for any help anyone can offer!

Ps, Just to confuse things even more a guitar wih a trem arm would be ideal (but thats definately a secondary requirement).
You should check out some P-90 equipped guitars. I think P90s would be perfect for what you're looking for.
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