I'm learning a song that only requires 4 basic open chords and I can play it with no problems, but as soon as I try to sing the song while strumming, my whole strumming rhythm goes to sh*t. Has anyone had this problem before, and how do you cure it?

The only way I can describe the feeling is try patting your head with one hand and then rub your tummy with the other hand at the same time. (sorry for the poor analogy)

I've only been playing on and off for a year and I got the guitar bug again and want to add some basic singing to my chords. Thanks
try just using down strokes, or if that's your problem, then try alternating so that it's down, up, down, up.
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Isolate the two actions.

First you've got to practice the strumming so that you could do it while you're sleeping.

Then you've got to practice the singing, get the syllables down.

You should practice so much that you do both actions without thinking.

Then try to do them both at a time; start with a slow tempo.

Repetition is the key.
I find that if I play it really slowly, then I can pinpoint where the singing lines slot between the guitar parts and vice versa. Then I can speed it back up.

It's a bit like a drummer with 4 limbs having to know when to play each drum part in turn etc.. Hope this helps...

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Thanks for all the advise guys. I'm definately seeing some progress here.