I've decided to get a new cabinet to go along with a Blackstar HT-5 combo, and i've been looking at the Orange PPC112 single speaker cabinet-Is it any good?
I don't want to go for the 212 because it's too expensive and too bulky. So is the Orange PPC112 a good choice and should i upgrade the speakers??????
Please reply!!!
I'd get a 2x12.
1x12 is completely pointless. I'm pretty sure the internal speaker is disconnected when you use a cabinet.
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I went to my local guitar shop (Derringers) just to check out a Blackstar HT-5 (head only). I use a Gibson LP so they guys there plugged me into a Gibson LP the nearest cab was an Orange PPC112 (single Vintage 30 cab) - Orange in colour believe it or not! Anyway within 10 mins I left the shop (after having paid for) a Blackstar HT-5 head & Orange PPC112 cab. Do yourself a favour

Just amazed at what this set up has done for my tone - everything sounds so much better in all respects. I was running the Gibo into a ElectroHarmonix English Muff'n (with 12AX7 valves) into the clean channel of a Randall G2 100W combo (2x12 seventy-eighty Celestions) - which I actually thought was pretty good - well it is, but not in the same league as the Blackstar/Orange set up.

Borrowed my son's MXR micro amp on the way in and things got even better

Vintage 30's are pretty loud, the Orange is extremly well built and the 5W from the Blackstar is plenty loud enough for practice, recording or miking up for gigging. I've read heaps of great reviews and have to agree with pretty much all that has been said - great little amp & possibly the perfect 1x12 cab to go with it!
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