I have a Synyster Gates standard guitar and I have managed to chip the body. It's not noticable until you really look, but I think it's going to get worse. Is there any way I can repair this? I don't leave near any guitar shops to take it in I can put a photo up later if one is needed, but not till I get home from work. Thanks
would be putting some finish over it possibly stop the chipping?
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Quote by SGmaniac1021
would be putting some finish over it possibly stop the chipping?

I'm not sure, but I could ask my Dad to try for me. Thanks.
Oh NOOOZ! Seriously though its going to happen why waste money getting it fixed. It will definitely happen again.
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unless u want to refinish the entire guitar ur not going to fix a chip without it looking like crap. and why care if you cant see it until u really look?
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Your lucky the guitar didnt chip you. I think you can mayby hide it with something, paint feks.
If its black. Use a sharpie
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It's going to happen anyway. Try not to worry about it. Fixing it would be a waste though since it'll just happen again.

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*sigh* i remember the days when i used to be bothered with chips in my guitar, until the day you don't bother you can really love and play your guitar the way you want to :S
your guitar will age with you. you will cherish it more if you realize and accept that imperfections are a part of life. think of your guitar as a wife rather than a short term girlfriend.
Don't worry, it was just a Synyster Gates guitar. Take this as a message...

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