I'm getting my first bass next Sunday, and was wondering, what's a good bass for $200? I was gonna get the Dean starter pack, but someone said not to, so if I can get my parents to help me out with a cheap amp, I could get a more expensive bass.
For $200 or under, I'd say an SX LTD is your best bet.

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Your other options are pretty much as follows, but they all either have cheaper wood, cheaper hardware, or (in most cases) both. I'd say the GSR200 is the best of them, followed by the J-bass.

Squier Affinity P

Squier Affinity J

Squier MB-4

Ibanez GSR200 (best)

Yamaha RBX170

Rogue LX400 pro

Dean Zone 4 (worst)
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HAHA good luck. any bass under 200 dollars is definitely not quality...unless it is used, then it could go wither way.
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