Hello there
I have trouble finding/deciding which songs to learn. I know a tons of riffs but few whole songs. At the moment I guess I am a decent player. I can play the trooper at almost full speed (and the solo at around 75% speed), about the same with paranoid.
I don't have any problems with techniques like hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, bends, trills, etc.

So I wonder if you could make a list of around 10 songs, starting with a easy one, and ending with a quite hard (still not insane) song. If you prefer you can make the list in a guitar hero setup, but with fewer songs per level.
Post your suggestions!

I like most things that can be called rock or metal
Bands like black sabbath, metallica, iron maiden, acdc, in flames, parkway drive, linking park and more.

PS. If enough people post many lists of different genres, this thread could be very helpful for beginners looking for songs to play.
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hey a little tip man DONT GO TO THE PIT AND STATE YOUR MUSIC PREFERANCES under any circumstances they will tear you apart
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make yourself a list, i know that i didn't start playing guitar so someone else could tell me what to play, pick what song YOU want to learn, unless of course the only reason your learning guitar is to please other people, and if this is the case then i couldn't care less, learn free bird...
for like #3-6 have Enter Sandman w/ solo
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i had a feeling i would get these kind of replies....
Im just not that good at judging how a hard a song is only by listening to it.
So I can not make a list of ~ten songs sorted by difficulty by myself. Especially not choose songs with a good distance in difficulty between eachother.

sorry for bad english
Just listen to music you like, find a difficult song, learn it and you'll improve.

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Despite it not sounding like it the people in here gave some answers that are mostly true. Playing the guitar is about having fun and its one of the few activities where its completely up to you what you wanna do. The only way your gunna want to play, or be motivated to play is if YOU play what YOU want to play.

Ps: Here is another idea how about you reply with ~10 songs that you really like and that YOU want to play, and the other people who look here can semi arrange those in a list from easiest to hardest.