Is it a sin not to use my pinky on the bass strings? Would it really be that ugly and look like beginner playing? The riffs is on the A string are ,for example: -12-15-14-; 10-12-7
My pinky is just too short to reach there, so I rather stretch my third finger to replace it. The same goes for drop D one finger power chords -- they are very uncomfortable to do with the pinky.
What do professional guitarists do?
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the neck of a guitar is like... less than 2 inches wide? your pinky CANT be that short
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I have to play standing up.

Practice standing up. Or sit with good posture so that your guitar is roughly the same distance away as when you're standing up.
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Yeah, this is a posture thing. Unless you're under 5 foot tall you have no excuse. Check the sticky/my vids.

I'm near enough
I need a picture of this because for some reason im picturing someone with an awkwardly bent hand trying to fingerpick "upside down"

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