Which foot do you use to press down your pedals? This may seem like a stupid question, but I thought it was interesting how pedal prefer different feet to press pedals. A lot of right hand guitarists seem to press with their right foot and left hand guitarists with their left foot, but some crossover.

I personally use my left foot for wah. I can barely do it with my right foot, I could never figure out why? What about you guys?
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I use my left foot when i even use a pedal and im right handed.

If i use my right foot then my thigh pushes out my guitar and makes it super uncomfortable.

Its just like on stage, you put your left foot up on a moniter to look like a badass.
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I use right, but sometimes i have to use both at the same time, which is tricky
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Whichever foot is closer to the pedal.
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Whichever foot is closer to the pedal.

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right for my wah, left for my distortion, either/or for my channell selector(its in between the 2)
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I use whichever is closer, but for treading stuff like wah I use my right foor.

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