what are some songs that consist of acoustic guitar with slide or other electric lead accompany it. or something similar. anythign from blues, classic rock to modern/alt rock that would be good for me and a friend to play? I know its kind of vague and broad but any suggestions that are good relevant songs that peopel would like to hear at a bar perhaps. would be appreciated.

George Harrison stuff has electric slide with acoustic guitar, if that suits you.

As for acoustic slide...Rory Gallagher is a monster with it (and with electric slide), but his acoustic slide is just solo.
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'soul to squeeze' - RHCP has a rhythm guitar playing the chord sequence with a second guitar playing slide. Chuck in a bass and a set of drums and it'll sound beautiful
I think Mr. Tambourine Man fits your criteria.
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I think Mr. Tambourine Man fits your criteria.


Mr. Tambourine Man by Bob Dylan and My Sweet Lord by George Harrison.

Anything (almost) off of Bob Dylan's albums Bringin' It All Back Home or Highway 61 Revisited or (Sometimes) Blonde on Blonde. Also Listen to Led Zeppelin III. Particularly the tracks Tangerine (Great Slide) and Bron-Y-Aur Stomp. Plus Some songs off Physical Graffiti like Black Country Woman. As far as what you want goes, any Zeppelin album but I or II (for the most part) should be great.