Well, I'm not to sure if this is the right place to ask this but.

I'm wondering what the bst type of pick to use while sweep Picking. I know Pick is a Huge personal Prefrence but I tend To use Heavy Picks.. But slowly Worked my way Down To a 1mm.. And I sure Haveing a Heavey pick Won't help With sweep Picking... Seems To me The lighter the pick the Fluidly It will sweep over the Strings... Thats Just What I'm guessing I'm Probally Wrong But If anyone knows More about this Than It will be Greatly appreciated.. thanks
As you said, personal preferrence. I'd also add it's in your hands/wrists how you sweep pick and what gauge you prefer because of that.
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personal preference

there is no magic pick that transforms you into pablo gilberto

I know.. but There has to be something that helps... hey I Have the Tequnice Completely Wrong and the pick Dsnt mattter but the way I do it ATM the Pick Seems to be a big factor
I use sharpened Jazz 3s or a sharpened Tortex 3. When you sharpen them, they glide easier... but I go down well past 220 grit, I forgot what I used...
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These picks although thick are designed for sweeps and whatnot. Seeing as I can't really sweep yet, my friend tried one for a few basic sweeps and said it was great. People I know are always surprised at how comfortable any of the V picks I've let them use to try em out, are despite how thick they are.

Edit: But I forgot to add, picks is all personal preference, and whatever you like the most will probably be different then alot of other people.
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I prefer 1mm ultex picks, but give me any pick of 1 mm or bigger from any material or brand and I can sweep "acceptable" with it. It really doesn't matter.

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Try using the round end.

It helped me.
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In theory it would be easier to use something with no give. Make sure you pick the string with the very tip of the pick and no more. Just barely touch the string. However, the personal preference thing comes in and I prefer to use the orange tortex. I think its one of the most versatile picks around. A thick sharp pick would allow you to have minimum contact between the string and the pick allowing you to glide over the strings.
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Jazz III ultex picks. I swapped from dunlop nylon picks, and my technique got so much better.
The sharper the pick you have accents the notes alot better, when I used to suck at sweeping I used to end up grinding my picks down halfway or more, and played on the dull end. But I now realize it was horrible, and I try to use sharper thicker picks.
i use dunlops, not the tortex or anythink, the standard red ones... .50mm i thinks..
anyways..been using them for 5 years now..do everything ive tried to do!
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personal preference

there is no magic pick that transforms you into pablo gilberto

QFT although Paul isn't much of a sweeper.