I want a fuzz pedal... that's about it. I did a little searching here and couldn't find a thread all about fuzzes. So... what's out there and what are your opinions on them. Obviously I have done research on them and know what the major ones are, and what they do so don't get all mad and say this thread is pointless. I'd like to hear from people who own them, or have used enough to know them, not just "that one sucks!"
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Unless its electronic drums.

budget: ... low (is it worth getting a $40 one? or better to save for a $200)
tone: the more versatile the better, Im playing a HSS strat through a crate v33, and I already have a Boss Super overdrive so I really just want something strictly for fuzz. Think hendrix, cream, and the like.
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Unless its electronic drums.

you can get pretty good old school sounding results from a Big Muff, also you might want to try out the ZVex Fuzz Factory, that's a newer one that can get some of the older sounds as well as a bunch of crazy off the wall tones.
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Cool cat huh? Danelectro I assume, how is the tweakability on that one compared to other high price fuzzes?
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Unless its electronic drums.

Save your money. i got a Skreddy Lunar module a few weeks ago. I'll never have to look for a fuzz again. Well worth the money.
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The Dunlop Hendrix Fuzz is one of the best mass production fuzzes in a while. Not as good as any of the boutique stuff, but then you're spending $200+.

Also, there are three main types of fuzzes: Fuzz Face, Big Muff, and Tonebender. Lots of other variations and new designs, but those are the main ones that most fuzzes are based on. The fuzz face sounds like what you're after, more like Hendrix, Cream, etc. The Big Muff is woolier and is more like Santana, mid-70s Gilmour, etc. Tonebender is what Page used a lot in the early Led Zep days, I believe.

If you decide to go the Fuzz Face route, then you need to decide on Germanium or Silicon transistors as well. Germanium is typically lower gain, smoother, while the Silicon is typically harsher, higher gain, and buzzy. Good way to hear the difference is early Hendrix (Are You Experienced?), which is germanium vs. later Hendrix (Axis, Band of Gypsies), which is Silicon.
the only fuzzes that i have ever liked the sound of are germanium fuzz faces and there clones, specifically the analogman NKT sunface.
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