Heya guys I'm looking to get a new pedal for my birthday, and i cant decide which. Some background info tho:
-I play an epiphone SG
-Peavey Classic 30
-pedals i have atm: Mediocre behringer wah (modded), EHX soul preacher compressor, Small clone, mxr 10band eq
-I play classic rock, blues, and dabble in funk and metal, so overall most genres

So i was thinking either a phaser or a tremolo pedal. How useful are these pedals tho?
Epiphone G-310 SG
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Peavey Classic 30
Fulltone OCD ???
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^ i dont think those usually go for under $100.

as for phaser and tremolo, i find that both are fairly useful. i use phaser more, and i think its a bit more of an interesting effect. phaser works well on clean passages to add some depth if youve got it subtle (tho same with tremolo) and it can sound really interesting with distorted on some deeper settings. i think tremolo might be a bit more suited to a stereo rig, which is why ive never bought one. i mean sure it can sound nice in mono, but when i mix it in i usually use it as a stereo effect.
Maybe an overdrive of some sort...
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If you are looking for a phaser or a tremolo, I'd suggest trying to find a used Magicstomp off eBay. They are compact enough to fit on a pedalboard with your other pedals, and have some great modulation sounds.
Hmm i dont really have the money for an OCD or a multi-effects. Although i did want something some-what practical, i also wanted it to be different so i can experiment more. What do you guys think of these pedals?
-Phase 90
-Small Stone
-EHX Pulsar
-Metal Muff
-Big Muff Pi

maybe one of these? ive read up on these and they all seem to be great pedals for the price. What do you guys think/what are your experiences with these pedals?
Epiphone G-310 SG
Epiphone Hummingbird
Yamaha CG-101
Peavey Classic 30