Ok so i decided to do a custom paint job on my guitar and i sanded off all the paint and kept the wood finish and put some stain on it and it looks great and then i put 2 layers of varnish but its not shiny like i thought it would be so how would i achieve that shinyness? Do i wet sand or what? thanks
10 layers of varnish. after each layer dries shine it up with a dry shine cloth and add the next layer. tedious...yes...but its worth it
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Why varnish? Doesn't that thing get really thick? I would've gone with Acylic Lacquer or Nitro Lacquer or even water-based Polcrylic. Those don't go on as thick. After 2 weeks or so, I'd buff and polish with 3M Finesse It II/Perfect It II for a factory, glossy finish.