I have been wanting a good chorus pedal for awhile and one with a lot of options. I heard from a friend that you can set the CE5 to make a Tremolo sound, which is another pedal/effect I want.

A.) Is there any truth to getting a tremolo effect out of this pedal?
B.) Is the Boss CE5 a good chorus pedal, or is there a better one?
C.) Are there any good Chorus/Tremolo combos out there?
A. yes but if you want a killswitch type sound, it wont work on this
B) obviously are better ones. this is digital and is under 100 bucks. great pedal though. i think it's the best boss pedal in existence
C)most choruses can do tremolo.

CE5 is great in it's price range
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A. Yes, depending on the tremolo sound you want.
B. It's decent, but an EHX Small Clone is better, and looking back I should've bought it instead, though it is one of the few Boss pedals I can stand, plus unlike most it doesn't completely suck on battery life(Just mostly. ).
C. Not sure, I never bothered to research chorus pedals after I got one.

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