Hey guys/girls,

I bought my ESP Ltd Deluxe MH-1000 almost a year ago now. At first the string tension was fine, and I think I had 9-42 gauge strings on it when I got it. Then it progressively got loose, and then when I changed strings it got worse.

The second time I changed strings, I lowered the action a bit, adjusted the truss rod, and put on 10-46 gauge strings and it was still the same. Recently I put on 11-50 gauge strings for a bit of downtuning and it the strings still don't feel right.

When in standard tuning, it seriously feels like i'm in D standard. It's weird as hell. Other people have told me the same thing so I know it's not just me going crazy.

Another thing is that I have a Ibanez RGT6EXFX and if anyone knows those guitars they're flat as hell. But the tension is great with that guitar.

I was wondering if it was because the ESP is angled at the neck joint, has a tonepros bridge, and the strings are not in line to the locking tuners. On the other hand, the Ibanez is flat, has a fixed bridge, and the strings go straight in line to the tuners, which are non-locking.

Im lost here. Someone let me know if they know whats up. Thanks.
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Probably a problem with your tuning pegs.
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yeah that was my first thought...the locking tuners. The ibanez tuners are grover rotomatics, and they hold great. maybe it's because the strings are wound multiple times and the locking tuners dont do that.
i mean that on regular tuning machines, you have you wrap the strings around the posts before putting them through the hole and tuning them.

on locking tuners, you loosen the bottom, put the string directly through the hole, then tighten the hole and tune.
are u pulling the string all the way thro and then only have to tightin them a little? maybe they are slipping. u dont acutally have to wrap them frist..iv never done it that way..but i can see how it would be a better hold..but i do put the strings thro the tuners and tighting the strings around the tuners atleast 3 or 4 times..if ur not doin that then they are prolly slipping. and that would be your problem
well that makes sense. dang. the instructions i've read on stringing guitars with locking tuners says that you just put it through, tighten it, then tune to the tuning you want. but when you do you that, as you said, it seems like it would definitely slip.

the way you do it sounds right. could you tell me again how you do it step by step? sorry for the trouble and thanks for the help.
When you thread the string through the hole in the tuning peg, leave enough slack that the string is around one to one and a half inches above the fretboard in the middle of the neck.

This should give you enough slack to wind around the tuning peg two to three times.