I have been playing for 11 years now and am two year away from going to college and my parents have been asking me about where I'm looking to study music. I have always wanted to grow up and be a session musician so thats kind of what I'm hoping it will prepare me for.

I don't know a lot about music schools though, so I had some questions. First, what would be a better place to study, a school more geared toward jazz or one geared toward classical (I play classical as well as jazz)? What are auditions like for the music schools? And feel free to add any advice or help with anything related.
if you want to use a pick, don't go classical. you'll ONLY fingerpick there.
in a jazz school, you'll mainly use a pick.

but it's a really big decision to make xD
it's pretty much:

classical---------------every other genres ----------------jazz

really different.
Most classical music = following the "rules/conventions" of harmony, and jazz is pretty much breaking harmonic/melodic rules (chord inversion/substitutions/alterations)

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