Sorry if this has been discussed I tried the search and found no results so I thought I'd try here.

My pots on my guitar are the problem. It's not wiring or anything complicated like that. It's the pot friction. Right now the pots are nice and smooth. No crackling or anything of that matter. It's the pot's turning resistance that's annoying. It's on both my volume and tone pot. So I am guessing it was setup like that. The pots inside have a lubricant but that has a decent viscosity. So my question is what is the best way to decrease pot resistance? Another kind of lube? Another kind of pot? Any suggestions I'd greatly appreciate.
i really dont know, but im guessing it depends on what brand pot it is. the pots on my old epiphone turn way faster than the ones on my gibson, so type of pot, or quality migh have an effect
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Well, im throwin a guess outhere... but in theory, the pot is attched to the knob and all of the other good bits buy a screw somewheres about on the bottom. *again, shot in the dark, some of my pots are like this, but the ones i bought for my next build are not* if you loosen the screw just a tinch it may work. then again, you could have entirely wrong pots... who knows.
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Well the guitar is a Schecter C-1 006 Blackjack made in 2006. If that helps at all.
Check to make sure the bottom of your actual knobs are not rubbing against the surface of your guitar. If they are, just raise them up until they are no longer in contact.

If that's not the case, something that always works well for me is TV cleaner. I use the DeoxIT brand, and it's basically an electronics lubricant, cleaner, and protector combo and it quite thin and is not very viscus, so it works great for freeing up components for looser travel. They sell it at musiciansfriend, but I found mine in a local guitar shop.

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